Hey rainy city

What excites me the most about trips, is that I always feel so blessed and happier as soon as I get into a new place. All you knew till then..well it’s not only that. There is always more and more beauty, more and more potential, lots and lots of new experiences out there. How great this is? I don’t recommend trips as a form of running away from reality. I encourage you to see them as the amazing oportunity to discover more, learn more and understand that trips are not about running away from something but going further . Now, about Patra in particular, what a beautiful city you are? I’d call it the grey kind of sky, rainy city, a great destination for Autumn and Winter. I loved the little coffe spots all over the center. As soon as you get up at the “skalakia” of Sant Nicolas make sure you take lots and lots of pictures. Big ben & Carousselo, yup I totally recommend these two spots for breakkie ( A M A Z I N G ).

  • Don’t  stay in just because it’s rainy, it will propably keep on rainning anyways.
  • Do Wander, wander and wander, go at theatraki area and the port to enjoy the blue view.
  • Do Eat! Some really d e l i c i o u s foods are cooked over there.
  • Go for a drink, they’re lots of fun and very friendly people to meet.
  • Go with friends so it can never get boring!





Patra I loved you and I’m totally coming back soon. Where have you been lately?


20 things to pack for your next road trip

Okay are we ready for a road trip  already? I am very into that new habit of us, can’t even tell ya! Road trips are these little, tiny breaks that spice up the “ordinary” I guess? I don’t believe in ordinary really, let’s find another word. What about the simpe days? Yep that’s better. But before you jump into the car and get into that new & fresh adventure, first things first, you need a what to take with you list! Shall we get started?


  1. First Aid Kit and money: For obvious reasons!
  2. Your favourite playlist: Without music you gettinnn no where.
  3. Camera: To capture the moment!
  4. Phone & headphones. Because why not?
  5. Sleeping aid. If you want extra comfort.
  6. Snacks& water: I mean duh!
  7. Mosquito spray: Just take it.
  8. Auto essentials: You don’t want to get stuck in a dark and dangerous valley. Do you?
  9. National Identification card or Driver’s License: These will confirm that you are indeed a homosapien who pay bills and taxes.
  10. Portable power device. To make sure you phone won’t die while you’re in that valley.
  11. Keys. You can’t get very far without them.
  12. GPS. In order to actually get there.
  13. Blankets and extra clothes. : You don’t want your b***t to be freezing.
  14. Rain gear. To stay dry.
  15. pocket knife and a torch. Cause you never know right?
  16. Grabage bags and toilet paper. I don’t think I have to explain this one. You get it.
  17. A book or journal or carts. For fun.
  18. Extra shoes and an umbrella.
  19. Travel pilows. Now we’re talking.
  20. Good company!

So that’s all the essentials I could thing of. Let me  know if you have any other suggestions and don’t forget to share your road pictures with me!


Road Trip to Nayplio

Okay, this post is about to come a little late to you but I cooked a lot this week  & I had other posts to upload first. So….it’s October everybody and I love nothing more than sweater weather, like hoorayyyyy!Typical Nomiki, I know but I am upset with Autumn and Winter &  basically the scarf , blanket and hot chocolate weather, lovin iiiiit😌

On October 1 we desided on going on a road trip~ somewhere nearby. To give the full story we actually decided this the night before and I’m so happy we actually did it! It’s so fun to go on road trips and I really wanted to get away for a while, just to see something different and have a break from Athens.. just for a while. And let me tell ya guys, this was the most inexpensive trip evaaaaa, like literally eva! All we had to pay for was gass & the bike we rent. Staying in Athens and going just for dinner  would propably cost the same. I made some yummy snacks of course that kept us full the whole time! Here’s the list of the snacks:

  • 3 Sandwiches with egg, cream cheese, green pepper, tomato, lettuce, pepper, origano and a pinch of sea salt. (Pretty simpe and nice)
  • Some bananas with choco syrup on top.
  • Orange and grapes.
  • 2 Slices of the orange & pomegranate cake I made the other time.

That was it, effortless, healthy and cheap. Owesomeeee. I actually am gonna make a list of all the essentials you need for a road trip from A to Z. Would you guys like that?

IMG_0025.JPGIMG_0041.JPGIMG_0065.JPGNayplio is a very beautiful and peaceful small town only a couple of hours out of Athens. It has great skys, blue waters, some amazing and very important archaelogical places to visit ( We visited Palamidi, which used to be an fortress, built by the Venetians, during the Ottoman–Venetian Wars). What I liked the most while being in Nayplio was the bikes all over the place, very bike friendly area and the smell of grass and trees, nature all over the place. For anyone who plans on visiting Athens, Nayplio is another destination they can visit (there are a few buss tours from Athens to Nayplio). I wouldn’t say that Nayplio takes a lot of time to explore, a few hours or maybe a couple of days are enough to get you to see most of this adorable town. I really enjoed being there, refreshing and fun. Can’t wait for the next oneee 🌐IMG_0097.JPGIMG_0107.JPGIMG_0084.JPG





A Movie You Must Watch (If you’re looking for some wanderlust & love music)

Is it my constant enthusiasm or just my denial to deal with reality’s shit? (Struggles are like cold pizza, they suck) Either way I keep on believing that dreams work if we do too! I was so inspired and happy after watching “Begin again” last year that I coudn’t help but thinking about it all the time. On my lazy Saturday I watched the movie one more time and it blew my mind once again. I don’t know if it’s the music, New York, new beginnings, Keira Knightley’s irresistible British accent or all of these together but I Loveeee this movie so, very much 💕

αρχείο λήψηςThe movie was released in 2013 & in my opinion it’s a movie to make your day, your week and even your life. It’s A DO RA BLE! I have this thing on my mind saying that if something makes you hop from entusiasm and brings you joy you MUST hold it close and never lose it. Even if it’s a silly, simple, 110 minute film.

I’m not gonna reveal a lot about the movie cause I’d like you to explore it yourself. But if there’s something I’d like to highlight is that  this film is inspiring, emotional, motivational, was filmed in New York, has some great cast, super cute songs & let’s you know that to beginning again can be an awesome adventure!


Smooch xx

Untill Next Time Kalymnos

I always get that kind of feeling when I leave my island to return back to the city. I get the reminder that soon I’m gonna miss my family again.. (I have the best cousins in the world, just so you know)😋Here’s a picture of them, swimming like happy hippoesIMG_0262I love living in the city and I’m pretty sure that suburbs are not for me, but it’s always nice to be back home for a while, especially in Summer. During Summer everything is better, (ice cream, quick meals, tan, salty hair, waves, sunsets, yay!) I feel like it’s easier to get the time to free the mind and see everything from a distance. It’s RE-FRESH-ING 🌊 And coming from a place like that, it’s always a nice to be home for Summer! I’m glad I grew up there and had the chance learn to apreciate the fresh air, the big mountains and the crystal waters. Here’s a little colection  to give you a tiny idea of how my pretty island looks like.IMG_0568.JPGIMG_0577.JPGIMG_0532.JPGIMG_0559.JPGMy favourite things to do when I’m back home is catching up with friends, shopping local, getting tan and laying on the beach, no parties and that kind of stuff (pretty boring, but real)🙈

Talking about shopping local I should mention my all time favourite shop in the island: “Local products Spyros & Irini Koumbaras”  is the name of it and it’s soo amazing! This tiny store is located in the center of the island, at the region called “Stathmos”. What can you find in there? Homemade Greek yogurt, cheese, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, wine, olive oil, all kind of herbs and spices, homemade soaps, HONEY and even more! Here’s me buying my favourite tea with all kind of fruits flavour.IMG_0273.JPGIMG_0107.JPGIMG_0178.JPGIMG_0186.JPGIMG_0184.JPGAfter packing my suitcase I feel like all that is left to say is :”Untill next time Kalymnos”💖💕