Hello there and thanks for stopping by,

I’m Nomiki.

“Life’s quite  lovely no matter what~ Let’s get our smiles on and have a dance~Drink red wine and make a toast~Live the  life we want the most.”

About Me

I’m a twenty something Greek girl who believes that the right time never  comes, we make it! But let’s take it from the begining. Born in Greece and raised in a tiny island called Kalymnos, I learned to love the sound of waves, spend my nights counting million of stars~ guessing which one leads to Neverland & hoping that one day I’ll take myself in every country of the world.  I graduated from high school (this is a story for another time) and soon after, I pucked my suitcase and moved to Athens, studying journalism. Finishing my deggree and wondering what could I do with it an idea popped my mind ” Do something you love with it buddy”, so  here I am sharing with you everything I love and I’m passionate about through my blog.


About the blog 

“She’s all about it” is a blog for you to read (hopefully and ispiration too) and a huge motivation for me. Here you can find everything about yummy food, advice for cooking from zero, wellbeing advice, most of all stories from my wandering around and random things I love, artsy things ya know. My blog’s no1 goal is to spread inspiration, positivity  & to promote a healthier lifestyle ♡

Things to mention:

*All the travel tips & recipes are low budget.

*Most of the recipies shared on this blog get ready, cooked and baked in my  apartment in Athens.

*Cooking seasonally and sharing nutrition advice.

*Disney & movies is a must on this blog (I should warn you).

*Posts will be going up every week.

*I would love to hear from you or even collaborate, making some magic together.


& Always remember: When in doubt just..