Hello there and thanks for stopping by,

I’m Nomiki.

“Life’s quite  lovely no matter what~ Let’s get our smiles on and have  some fun~Drink red wine and make a toast~Live the  life we want the most.”

About Me

I’m a twenty something Greek girl who believes that the right time never comes, we make it! But let’s take it from the begining. Born in Greece and spending most of my childhood in Kalymnos (tiny island), I learned to love the sound of waves, spend my nights counting million of stars~ guessing which one leads to Neverland & hoping that one day I’ll take myself to every country of the world.  I graduated from Darwin high school, yep I was in Australia by that time (this is a story for another time) and soon after, I pucked my suitcase and moved to Athens, studying journalism. Finishing my deggree and wondering what could I do with it an idea popped my mind ” Do something you love buddy”, so  here I am sharing with you everything I love and I’m passionate about through my blog.


About the blog 

“She’s all about it” is a blog for you to read (hopefully and ispiration too) and a huge motivation for me. Here you can find everything about healthy and yummy food, wellbeing advice, stories from my wandering around and random things I love, like artsy things and a bit of fashion ya know. My blog’s no1 goal is to spread inspiration, positivity  & be your reminder that each and everyone of us has a tiger inside♡

Things to mention:

*All recipes are on a budget.

*Most of the recipies shared on this blog get ready, cooked and baked in my  apartment in Athens.

*I’m gonna be sharing nutrition advice about things I know and the others I don’t I’m just not gonna mention he he.

*This is real life and we don’t look for perfection here, if you’re cool with that come along.

*Posts will be going up twice a week.

*Let’s have some coffee, pillowtalk and make some magic together.


& Always remember: When in doubt just..


x, x