A u t u m n vibes & more positive thinking

How could anything go wrong in Autumn? I mean look all around you and witness this miracle made of leaves, clouds and sneaky sunshines that come and go. All this fresh, cold air and raindrops touching the pavements, cleaning everything up and making it new. I freaking love Autumn. I love the melancholic mood // the hot chocolate // blanket // slow cooked recipes // rainy days // cuddles and all the good stuff it brings with it. Most of all I love… A u t u m n m o r n i n g s!  They make me..”think to myself what a wonderful wooorld” there’s something that makes Autumn so so pretty and one more thing, you and I can make Autumn and mornings and the whole world more pretty. Honestly, I know we all’ve heard this before but I agree that our vibes attract our tribes and define our lives. An extra pinch of positiviness can change up and down your entire life, seriously there’s nothing more powerful than the power inside of you… I said that before, didn’t I? But I  believe this and I have seen it happen before. I myself have exprerienced the change and I reliezed how imprortant is to have a C l e an state of mind, a state of mind that allows you to be open, flexible, creative and free, just yourself and only yourself. Have you ever heard about the law of attraction and how things happen once we start to believe that they will? People say: one in a million chance, well become that one in a million. Is there anything stopping you? Put it on the side.

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Picnic day 🍁

Picnic days are the best! I’ve always wondered if Athens apart of being  noisy and a bit dirty could be more. (We’re being honest here) I mean sure Athens  is the centre of culture and arts in Greece and provides a variety of different activities for any taste, I get that, but what about clean parks, flowers and trees? Where are they? Don’t give me wrong but enyone who has ever lived abroad or believes that clean pavements and building are a necessity will agree with me on that. However,  this year has being devoted in so many things, one of them is “go out and get to know the city”, like for real, see more, do more, be present and open. I knew that I had to give a second chance to the city that so many others love and call home, would they if it was such a mess as I think? So here I am going on excursions and picnic days in the centre of the city.

An A w e s o m e D a y!

Second chances work from time to time I guess. Who would expect a picnic day in the centre of the city could be sooo fun? Birds all over the place, dogs rolling on the grass, people chating and laughing  and the golden sun above our heads. The simple little things mean the most in life, I swear! No matter where you live give it a try, cause it might end up being one of the most fun days of your life. So any plans for the weekend? #gooutandplayalong 






All the apps I’m lovin at the moment

Hey guys as much I curse technology for disconnecting people I can’t refuse that at times it can be a time saver. Today we’re discussing about mobile apps and I’m actually about to share with you my fav ones. I’ve never been an app obsessed type of person but currently I’ve relaized how helpful they can really be. In this post I will also leave the names of some apps I don’t use but I find really cool and usefull as well. So let’s just spit it out.

  • UNUM this is a very popular app that is practically a reminder and it’s job is to knock knock you everytime you have to upload a post. It’s a photo reminder for instagraaam. How cool is that? I have no clue how it works yet cause I downloaded it today, but it’s cool and it’s for free. So if you’re a bussy blogger, check it out maybe!
  • MyFitnessPal I love this app so much. It keeps track of everything you eat in a day and let’s you know whether that was not enough or too much. So all it does  is helping you to maintain healthy and not skip meals or eat like a lion. It’s a good one. It also show you all the progress you’ve made, tracks your steps, provides recipes and other cool stuff like that.
  • LifeSum is kinda the same as MyFitnessPal, really helpuful too, but I think this one has less options than the other. So if someone wants an app that just can count his calories and provide advice on how much to eat, that could definately work.
  • Clue okay this one refers to girls only..It’s a period calender pretty much and it’s the best I have found so far. It’s great and hey if you are like me and always forget when your period is about to come then give a go to this one.
  • Fit Girls This app has some great workouts, challenges, everything really no matter if you are a beginner or a badass. I mean it’s cool and it show you exactly how to do the exercises s o you don’t hurt youself. We don’t want this right?
  • TripAdvisor Since I am a foodie I couldn’t resist but downloading this guy. Did you know that apart of finding you restaurants this app also is A M A Z I N G at finding hotels, flights and activities for you to do in any place of the world you are being at the moment.
  • Airbnb This app is awesome if you like traveling but you don’t want to spend a furtune in hotels, so you can rent someone’s house or flat when they’re away. Cheap and great.
  • Snapseed Here we go touching and retouching. I don’t really use this one but people go crazy about it and recomend it a lot. It’s a retouching app actually.
  • Sleep Cycly alarm clock I haven’t tried out this one but the discription it sounds pretty amazing. It is an alarm but what does differently is asking to choose a time you want to wake up giving two option, eg 6.30-7.00 am and then it wakes you up between this time. But guess what this app calculates the hours that you will sleep and estimates the right time to wake you up depending on how deep you sleep at the moment and acording to the information I found about it five minutes make a difference.

So that’s all from me guys, give them a shot and let me know which of them you loved. Oh also if any of you is lovin an app at the moment don’t forget to mention in the comments bellow.

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Never stop growing & glowing

I am a huge believer of self development and personal growth. For this reason I believe that there is not a limit on how much can someone learn and how far they can go. There is some potential in everything we do every single day. What do I mean by that? I mean that anything we choose to invest time on could possibly turn out to be a great opportunity! So my point is, keep on growing & keep on glowing. Ignore the haters or whoever might try to discourage you from doing something you love. If your vision is not the same as theirs you don’t have to doubt yourself, everything is about perspective anyway, am I right? For example, did you just lost one of your part time jobs, your income is way less but you still wanna take this French class? That’s alright and I’m totally talking from experience. “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal”, I read that quote today and it really inspired me to write this post. I know that focusing only on the good is not an easy thing to do all day long, but it’s important to keep our eyes on the beautiful blue skies so life can show us how much we can achieve with our own strength. Life is so precious and I am amazed by all this beauty that surrounds us. I made a lil list of advice for you guys, so you can have a look every time you want some ispiration♡

  • Surround yourself with openmined and supportive people.
  • Always try this one thing you believe it’s impossible to do (Once done, it feels amazing)
  • Sign up and join online communities with people who share the same passion as you.
  • There is aaalways space for new things to learn and skills to develop and money should not stop you from that. There are plenty available courses online that can help you gain knowledge and a certificate on your passion. Coursera is one of those sites that provide online courses and the cost is very afortable.
  • Remind yourself that everyone does their own prosses on their own time. Better a slow progress than no progress at all.
  • Always be a work in progress, like always.
  • Do it your own way and nothing can go wrong with that.



2 Cookbooks You Must Own

Alright guys, alright, let me tell you about these 2 books that I am upset with, since I got them into my arms. I have read a few cookbooks before, I have tried some of their recipes but I’ve never owned a cookbook, written by a blogger. There’s something about coookbooks that makes them so appealing and one of the best presents to find under the Cristmas tree (puppy goes first) . When you get the chance to own your favourite’s blogger cookbook it’s the perfect oportunity to sneak a bit more into their kitchen and get to know them a little bit more.

Adrianna Adarme is an amazing blogger based in California, who totally got my heart from the first moment. Cozy, would be the best word to describe her writting, her pictures, her food, I mean everything is so adorable in Adrianna’s world! I love her book for 5 reasons: 1) I love that she made a collection of recipes for each season 2) it’s  all about food, DIYs and stories all together 3) her pictures are adorable 4) Everyone can find something to cook from the book, threre are sooo many  affordable options 5) She is a child in soul and I lovee that !IMG_0076.JPGIMG_0078.JPGIMG_0081.JPGEvery single page of this books is cozy and super adorable! A well written book, with a smell of cinamon, murshmelows and coffe. I mean how cute these pictures areeeeeee? I’m done😍🐶


LOVE & LEMONS : How can you not love these two guys when they are the reason this book was ever made? And their marriage backround story? Awww what can I say? Jeanine Donofrio and Jack Mathews are a lovely couple and a strong team who has created a  colourful recipe collection for us! The 5 reasons  I love this book 1) The texture of the book is owesome 2) All the pictures are minimal clean and white (love it) 3) There are a lot of super yummy recipes in there 4) I really loved the little tips and advice given 5) It’s very, very well written and direct.