21 things I’ve learnt in 21 years

This post came a bit late, considering that my birthday was last month. Oh well, who cares I’m doing it anyway. With no further a do, here’s the 21 plus 1 bonus things I have learnt in 21 years.

  1. It’s your mind that’s stopping you from doing the things you want, cause you can, like for real.
  2. Family matters ( some of these people have put up with your drama for sooo long).
  3. If you walk barefoot, you’ll get sick, or it’s just my karma. (however, eating ice-cream on the couch while you’re sick is comforting.
  4. Learning how to cook was a pretty good idea.
  5. School is not that big deal. Do not confuse schooling with education.
  6. This one shall pass too.
  7. Disney movies is like alwaaays a good idea.
  8. You cannot fool your bunny, by saying I won’t be late. Having a pet is a real, real, real commitment.
  9. You should say yes to that invitation.
  10. The mean things you tell your parents about parenting and adulthood, yeah you gonna regret every and each of them, once you realize your burned pancakes was not the only thing they had to do that day.
  11. You need to love yourself first.
  12. It’s not your job to fix others. You can be there encouraging and supporting, but they have to do it on their own.
  13. Your people are the ones that stick around no matter what.
  14. You should never be scared to try again.
  15. Just eat that piece of cake, you’re not that fat anyways.
  16. Never, ever, ever diet.
  17. Learning a new language is a good invensment.
  18. Exercise will always make you feel better.
  19. Journal things down!
  20. Print some of the million of pictures you take.
  21. You better save some money.
  22. *Perspective is everything*.


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