Sounio roadtrip

Whether is an one and half hour drive, or ten hours flight, trips are amazing and one of the best ways to get inspiration from. Sounio it was this weekend, blue, sun, rocks, clear skies, friends, food and so it goes. ( Basically how it’s always in Greece). When it comes to weekends I take the friyay and weeeekend kind of thing very very seriously. I recently got a clearer perspective over a couple of things and  started enjoying even more the present and appreciating/ devoting my time on things that really fullfill me. I’ll leave you with this quote that inspires me and I just really wanted to share with all of you!

                     “Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances’

Go out, show off, have fun, pursue your dreams, move forward and never second guess yourself, either accept others second guessing! It’s a beautiful life no matter what!


Smouch to aaaall of you.

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