Where and how to start with reading?

Okay, okay, you know how I always say learn more to be more. Education does not start or finish after uni or highschool and why is that? Because there are millions of different things to learn, so much undiscovered information and new horizon to go and explore. Books are magic put on paper. But where do I start? How do I know what kind of books I’d like? My suggestion is to not focus on one category only, eg fiction, because then you’re missing out the chance to enreach and develop your knowledge on different topics. So here’s my top 3 tips for you, little fellows.

  1.  Borrow books from friends. This is the easiest yet fantastic source to find different books. Your friends know what you’d hate and what you’d probable love, so they pick the right books for you. Plus, they might be into astronomy, poetry so you get to know more about these two categories. Owesome, ha?
  2. University bibliography. Sneaky and smart! Go on the Arts Uni website for instance and see the books recommended for the students to read for the semester, then pick a couple of them and the adventure begins. Are you into Law, Maths, Politics History, Arts, Economics? Just go to their websites. This is a super valid source btw.
  3. Make a list of the 3-5 things you’re very interested about eg. cooking, cinema, painting, then google: The greatest painters of the 20th sentury, the best cookbooks of 2000 and so it goes. Just google stuff like that and the most famous ones will come on top. Then here you go, you can get started, just like that!

Hope my advice on the topic was helpful. Do you have any tips for sharing? Please feel free to comment and let me know a topic you’d like me to go through.


2 thoughts on “Where and how to start with reading?

  1. I can totally relate because I’m one of those people who gets frustrated that I can’t learn/know everything there is to know in the world LOL. I usually go to the library to take out books, as it means I can get as many as I want for free, and if they aren’t great I can just return them!

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