Life as we know it.

I’m not a fan of big changes, they stress me out and I consider them as a fat pain in the ass. But there is nothing better than things falling back into place after they’ve fallen apart and now the fell in better place. Does this sound confusing? Wait to see what’s going on  my mind. Can I tell you something? Do not be afraid of changing up things, whether this is about redecorating your living room, or applying for a new job, just go for it. Life is too short to not have this cherry muffin, or lose that trip to Rome or cry over  what happened. Life doesn’t come easy, either it’s best moments, that’s why they are sooo great and sooo worth it. Go out, have fun, create, love, inspire and get inspired end of story, life is way to fun to miss out. This huge intro is the simple explanation of “Do what you like the most and forget about the rest”. I’m on a super vacay mood lately and this “should” not be the case, let me just say is still February. However, since I feel so inspired and into the mood, I’ll share withn you my 5 ways to feel on vacay all the time.

  1. Friends day: Is it Sunday afternoon, Monday morning? Doesn’t matter, you and your friends need a “free time day” in the week to pretend like you just got to Miami. So put your sunglasses on, turn off notifications, get your camera and wander together. Have lunch, then go for a coffe, or maybe visit a museum or whatever really. Just H A V E  F U N! It’s your time to enjoy yourselves and stay away from obligations and drama for more than an hour.
  2. Roadtrips : Even though they are considered as trips they are not exactly, cause they don’t last long. However, a couple of them here and there can spice up your “normal” routine and get you in vacay mood just like that. Again find a good buddy or a group of friends and turn on your favourite music, Dua lipa currently💋
  3. Add tiny habbits in your everyday life to make it look more like vacay. For instance, it can be your fifteen minutes break, you on your balconi drinking your favourite drink ( easy with it, unless if you are a cherry soda kind of girl too). It could be your ten minutes journal in the park down the corner, or reading your book eating puncakes twice a week, or visiting a new place every week. I don’t know it could be anything even  puting palmtrees posters on your bedroom wall, that works too.
  4. Plan your next trip and share it with me on instagram. I’m curently super into this. Not the creepy version of it, ya know writing down all the places I have to get before 2019, no offence but my nerves can’t handlle the presure. What I do is booking my next trip as soon as I get back from the other. No I’m not rich and you don’t have to be rich to do that. It could cost 30 box to go and visit a friend living couple of hours away. So save some money, cause it’s totally worth it.
  5. You’re a damn Queen, (boys is girls talk here) always treat yourself.


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