How to keep it minimal ( A p a r t m e n t)

When it comes to minimalism I should mention that I’m a huuuuge fan of it and so glad this art movement was ever created. There is something about the simplicity and balance of colours that bringspeace . How to get it right though? Keep it simple, less is more and all these quotes apply in this case. I know, I know, so many beautiful minimalistic paintings, carpets, but you don’t need all of them. That’s the point of minimalism. You need less to make it work, so don’t be fooled by shopping spree. Minimalism  is low budget friendly, yayyy!  Down below you’ll find a list of the very basics, on how to keep it minimalistic. I will also provide a few pictures so you can get an idea, as well.

  •  2-3 colours max. Decide on your pallet. White is always a must on minimalism. For your second or 3rd colour  choose betweet black, grey, brown, gold, silver and ofcourse the pastel colours (Yas).
  • Frames & mirrors: To create the illusion that your super tiny apartment is bigger.
  •  Clear surfaces: Apart of a couple decorations anything else, is a little too much.
  • Only the essentials. I know you propable like and love all the things you own, that’s why you bought’em at first place. However, be honest and thing of which of these you only use once or twice a year.Maybe someone else would find them more useful than you (give away and free your space)! Ta ta.




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