3 cozy spots in Athens

After a lot of thought  and even more wander lately, I have the 3 most cozy, and Must go spots in Athens for you. What I look for in a place is coziness, comfort, great hot chocolate and yummy breakie ( if they are desserts may they be served) ! I guess I prefer the kind of places you can chit chat and also read your book quietly, the ones that give the illusion that is not a bad thing you skipped blogging to come here ( guilty).

1 Portatif

It’s right there in the corner, of Sina 21, at Kolonaki. If you are a dessert eater, you’ll remember of this post in every  bite! It’s tiny, cozy, friendly and super stylist. I’d say…take your girl there, she’ll loveeee it 💗


2  Cafe bar 67.

A cafe bar at Em. Benaki 67, with some green tea, flowers and colourful seats. Wait, wait they have desserts too! Super yummy and healthy too. Go check em out, these guys stay up till late.


3   5 dromoi

Look for it at Kallidromiou and Soultani 1.  Jazz vibes, big wide windows, warm coffee and some of the most sunny spots to read your paper.

Much love, xx

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