How to keep your place fresh, clean & organized

Everyone loves to come back home and find everything in order, dinner ready, clean clothes etc. Working and managing all of those together can be hard and exhausting. You’ll leave one plate on the dishwasher, then a pair of shoes in front of the door, dirty clothes everywhere and so goes on. A week later it feels like you live in a cave. It doesn’t have to be like that. So here there are some simple ways to Keep your place clean Fresh and organized.

1 Set an alarm on every day for fifteen minutes. That’s your time too tidy up as much as possible. Fifteen minutes not a big  deal, huge difference though.

2 Take out the garbage when you leave.

3 Add some fresh flowers and plants in every room. Aromatic candals and homemade air freshers will also make a big difference.

4 Buy folders, storage boxes and baskets. Use them to store all the paper work, phone plugs and anything not needed in the way.

5 Evaluate: Make a list of all the things that you can see once you get into every room. Do you really like or need this wall clock that no longer works? If not throw it away, or give away any furniture and clothes you don’t wear more than once a year. They only take space.

That’s all the tips I have for you now guys. I swear every each of them works.  And always remember, if you keep your house clean and organized you become more productive and also learn to organize not only your space but your life in general.

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