Manage work and living on your own. 2 Responsibility

Okay what about this now? Part 2 of how to manage work and lIving on your own focuses more on how to manage your time when you’re at home so you don’t actually waste it and instead you’re being productive.

1) stay away from social media. Turn your notifications off, close the TV, get away from your phone and in general do anything needed in order to not get distracted. You have no idea how much you save if you stop staring at your phone every 10 minutes, checking to see how many likes you got on Instagram and watching videos on YouTube.

2) Make a short list and stick to it. This particular step has been so effective and helpful for me. Story short, all you have to do is write a list of things you want to achieve  that  day. Make sure you don’t make the list too long, cuz then you’ll feel exhausted even before you get started. For example, your list can contains to work out, finish this one assignmen, cook a healthy meal and walk your 🐕. That’s it. All the important things you have to do for the day written down in a paper or in your calendar. The good thing about the list is that if you get lazy during the process you’ll see the the things that you still have  to do, freak out a little bit and get back in track. Yeah sometimes you have to manipulate your own brain. (Oops) #practise makes perfect

I hope you find these two tips helpful. Let me know the result if you try them out and also feel free to give me ideas on other topics you’d like me to cover.

Catch up later, xx

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