My skincare routine with Nivea

Every girl deserves the best and so does her skin. There is nothing that makes me feel more beautiful in the morning, than my nivea body cream, some cold water in my sleepy face and my hair oil, oh and of course my strawberry lip balm.  Keeping your skin clean and smooth is on of the most attractive things for both men and women (also kindness is super attractive, if you ask me). However, sometimes we skip the day care kind of routine because we are busy? Come on people. You won’t be twenty forever, plus your skin is fragile, l o v e  i t  right. So five minutes. That’s all it takes to keep that beauty fresh, ready?

  1. Roll out of bed. (Let’s start with the basics)
  2. Wash your face and use your nivea cleanser to clean that pores.
  3. Massage your skin with your everyday body cream. (A morning shower person? even better, pores open/ bodycream does double work).
  4. Brush those teeth, smile big.
  5. Oil on hair and maybe a little be of hair spray?
  6. Face unskreen. Before the foundation girl!
  7. Fruity lip balm- keep those kisses exotic💋
  8. Go and get em tiger!

* shaving? Don’t without your shaving foam.


Selfcare is as important as self love, remember you deserve nothing less than the best.

Go get it! x x

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