How to manage work and living on your own. 1 Organising 🔄

You know as great as it is to pursue your dreams or to be independent there are times that managing life & work all together can be a little too much meh.. But don’t worry, we’ve all been there. This is actuality what I like to call as the stage of getting your s*** together and  grow for real. No offense to the day you turned 18 and you could drink or take your driving license, or party without your parent’s permission and  have whatever you wanted for dinner. Remember the day that you actually had to do the dishes on your own or iron those clothes? Okay well done for that day. But now you face a whole new chapter of your life and things look pretty serious and scary. This happens because there is a difference between having freedom and between being responsible for your own life. So there are two stages 1 Freedom & 2 responsible living. So if you’ ve just jumped into the second stage and it’s your time to you  learn how to manage life & work, here’s a couple tips to make it easier to adjust.

1). Demands and supplies: always, always, always be mindful of the money you spend. Break down the spendings of the month and make sure you don’t waste more than you have. Your calculator is going to be your best friend.  With the rest of the money? Shop hard maybe? or save them for a trip? What do you usually do?

2 Get up earlier. Unlikely when you work you don’t have the same amount of free time that you used to have before. Setting your alarm a couple of hours earlier will only do good. Want to work out but you never have time during the day ? okay get up at 6 a few times a week and do a quick workout. Boom just like that you feel like a boss. That doesn’t only apply with exercise. You can get up earlier in order to finish some tasks for your work, tidy up your space or make a healthy meal for yourself. Good girl (or boy).

Let me know if you you find these tips helpful and aslo share yours with me.

Much love , xx


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