Love Never Fails: 5 simple things to keep you happy


Love Never fails. Simple as it sounds I really feel it & I really think of it a lot  of times. Love Never fails. what does this even mean? I guess it means different things for different people. What I really think? Oh that’s something that has been said before. “What is done with love is done well”.  That’s what I think.

And trying to bring into my mind all the times love has made me feel happy .. I ended up with these five little- simple – everyday things that you as well can do for yourself or someone else and keep that smile on their beautiful faces.

1) Gratitude: So simple still so hard to achieve some days. Chasing goals and forgetting to appreciate what you already have? Is this scenario familiar to you? Then start by spending 5 minutes every morning  thinking of all the things you are grateful and thankful for having in your life. Thinking and expressing out loud all these blessings you have in your life can only increase your positivity levels and help you become an optimistic creature .

2) Healthy : It’s true, the healthier you are the happiest you become. Your body feels good you feel good. Starting your day with a 15 minutes workout or stretching is the best way to start the day, knowing that you’ll be ready have achieved something.

3) Get those flowers: for him, for her, for yourself.  Add a simple habit like that in your life and expect only the best to come. Colours, smells  and nature can help you feel grounded and happier.

4) Turn the music You Love on. Now I have to suggest something. There are times and days that I might be a little bit moody or emotionally vulnerable. What I believe it’s the best to do on days like these is  avoid music and songs with lyrics. For the obvious reason that I might get affected buy them. So on Moody days piano and smooth jazz playlists are the n1 choice. Trust me when I tell ya.

5) Say more I love yous and thank you. If this is not one of the  greatest things you can do everyday to keep you happy, then I don’t know what it is. Showing affection and appreciation is just one of the most heartwarming things you can do for others and yourself.

insta flowrs

Much love xoxo

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