How to have fun on Weekends when have nothing scheduled, on a budget!

It’s finally weekend and you want to have fun, relax and take it all in, but still on a budget, right? Well, wherever you are there’s always something to do. You just have to be a little bit spontaneous, find some good company or grab your camera and you’re ready to go (you can always do both).

1)Get outta there! This is the first and only essential step. I mean there’s nothing wrong with staying in for once in a while, rolling in the blankets, we all need this sometimes, but you know memories are made out there and fun people are also wandering out there. Join them maybe?  This Sunday the only plans I had was to simply take myself out for a coffe or something like that and I ended up doing a banch of diferent things and meeting some cool people. Number one rule have a plan ahead  Noooway ! Weekends are supposed to be fuuuun so no plans and schedules, let’s start from this.

2) look up for any free eventss, concerts, festivals etc. I found a couple of free sights and museums, so I grabed the opportunity to see something new.

3) Street food: Something cheap and yummy (hey checkout hereto see some of the healthiest and yummiest greek street foods. You can grab some food and relax at a park reading a book or wandering around? You can also prepare your snacks if you prefer and you’re not being a lazy ass, like I was today #noguilt

4)  Join a class? Yoga, dance, Pilates? Something new for  once in a while?

5) If you’re up for a bigger adventure you can always go on a roadtrip! We love these kind of things!


IMG_0035.JPGIMG_0034.JPG14853144_817364651699650_6555968743742902319_o (1)

The weather was amazing and guys going out it just helped me so much coping with my anxiety and just cleaning up my mind.I guess the point it: Whatever you do and where ever you are love every minute of it. Enjoy what’s infront of your eyes and suprise yourself. Every minute counts more than you can even imagine! Persue a life well lived. xo xo

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