Bloogers fam & The Versatile Blogger & Blogger Recognition Awards

I really am glad for the decision I made  to actually get this blog online back in July ! Every moment spent infront of my computer & in my kitchen,  is more than well spent. I love sharing with you my recipes, adventures and everyday stuff, it’s kinda amazing guys. Just the thought that people for UK, Greece, Japan, India, Australia, USA, Canada, Thailand, Italy and so many other places read my post blows my mind! Thanks to all and each of you guys, from any place of the Earth you come from. I feel like there’s so much more outta there. We are a big, spontaneous, creative family, that’s how I feel. So, let me tell ya about something else, this week I got suprised by one of my fav  young bloggers I’ve been stalking for quite a while. simplyemsblog made me the honor to nominate me for The Versatile Blogger & Blogger Recognition Awards, which is so very sweet, right? So since we’re all in a Christmas mood already and doing something nice can only bring smiles, I’d like to nominate some of my favourite bloggers too.  If you’re in my list, than you’re one of the reasons I smile and cook more ♡

Life of Steph: Okay Steph, I discovered you lately but I think you’re a fantastic. I adore your colours, your writing and I love that you are a “dreaming girl” as you call yourself too. I really like you and your blog , keep going!

tryitonchic:One of the first blogs I followed. A happy, positive and adventures girl…and honestly Im so jealous of that carrot cake you made! xo xo

The Golden Wave: When we talk about inspiration…golden wave is here. I love her posts, how she boosts my energy with her golden vibes!

beauty & the foodie.: Go girl ! Her foodie vibes takes me to places & I love how devoted she is in nutritionsim ! Btw have you seen hair lovely purple hair? xo xo.

Glimpses of DA(rshana’s) World:I mean you travel alooot. Love all her pictures and adventures, kinda like a traveling journal thing, so inspiring and fun to read!

felisrecipes:Followed her instructions and gained a pound lol amazing bread!!! Love her devotion to cooking & all her fluffy, fluffy recipes, yum!

The CookFather: This dude cooks for real! Yummy food I have tasted more than once and it’s a yeees from me! Go and show him some love guys!

xo xo






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