Christmas loading

Hey guys even though I’m home alone on a Sunday night, covered with tissues (I’m sick), running late for the week ahead and crying for my fail meal prep attempt ( I burned the meatballs) I still wanna try and focus on the good…like christmass lights, gingerbread houses,cookies, cozy sweaters and marshmallow hot choolate..yay! All the good that is coming up soon. Christmas is like my aaaall time favourite holidays ever. No reason to explain why everything seams so magical then. We’re going Christmas shopping soon, propable next weekend, can’t wait!

Check out these adorable pillows I found on pinterestf74cd4493703643e4c6f1a36b8c66c19

I need to get some fabric asap and make my own pillows…I’ve been saying that since we mooved to the new apartment..I guess I’m too lazy for that now…#nomorebuses. Okay can we take a minute to appreciate how beautiful this picture is? and the lights???? I loooove it. That’s what you make when you’re not too lazy to go to the fabric store, well that’s life. Where did you go for christmas shopping guys? Any good online stores in Eu? Let me know if there’s any you recommend.




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