A u t u m n vibes & more positive thinking

How could anything go wrong in Autumn? I mean look all around you and witness this miracle made of leaves, clouds and sneaky sunshines that come and go. All this fresh, cold air and raindrops touching the pavements, cleaning everything up and making it new. I freaking love Autumn. I love the melancholic mood // the hot chocolate // blanket // slow cooked recipes // rainy days // cuddles and all the good stuff it brings with it. Most of all I love… A u t u m n m o r n i n g s!  They make me..”think to myself what a wonderful wooorld” there’s something that makes Autumn so so pretty and one more thing, you and I can make Autumn and mornings and the whole world more pretty. Honestly, I know we all’ve heard this before but I agree that our vibes attract our tribes and define our lives. An extra pinch of positiviness can change up and down your entire life, seriously there’s nothing more powerful than the power inside of you… I said that before, didn’t I? But I  believe this and I have seen it happen before. I myself have exprerienced the change and I reliezed how imprortant is to have a C l e an state of mind, a state of mind that allows you to be open, flexible, creative and free, just yourself and only yourself. Have you ever heard about the law of attraction and how things happen once we start to believe that they will? People say: one in a million chance, well become that one in a million. Is there anything stopping you? Put it on the side.

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