Poached egg toasts with roasted cheery tomatoes

Sunday morning will bring me back to you …when food and love meet great things happen, such as poached eggs and roasted tomatoes and warm toasts with cream cheese and herbs and…..and….and! This is a Monday post and this week I want to start with a big “Hello cold, hello rainy days and beatiful fresh air”.  Any of you counting down days for Christmas? Am I in such a hurry? But it’s Christmaaaas  I waited a year and so for it to come back. I’m thinking next week we gonna go Cristmas shopping together, decorate the house and start trying out Cristmas treats and recipes. Can’t wait, can you?

This recipe is so easy that I’m not gonna give you directions below, I’m just gonna talk it throug! Let me know if you prefer it that way / or if you don’t 😋

Ingredients for 2 serves

  • 4 slices of bread
  • 2 slices of chees
  • cream cheese
  • 10 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 small cucumber
  • dry oregano
  • 2 eggs
  • black pepper
  • sea salt

To make this darling you need some good, smooth jazz music on and warm coffee on the side. Start with preheating the oven to 250 degrees. Cover your tray with baking paper and add the tomatoes in there. Oh top them with some fresh or dry oregano, it’s worth it. Place in the oven for 15 minutes or so. In a pan put the slices of bread to give them a more crunchy tecture then add the cream cheese, cheese, peal you cucumber aaaand here’s coming the good one! Poached egg! To make your poached eggs do the following: Boil some water in a small pot, once bubbles start showing up remove from the heat. Now crack your eggs in a bowl one at a time and carefully add in the pot. Let your eggs in the pot for 3 minutes. Now poached eggs are not that hard to make but the process can be tricky! To make your life easier I’d say ckick here to learn from the best (I’m talking about Jamie Oliver ofcourse) how to do it. If you get that step righ you rock! and I may say Bon Appétit ? Oh yeahhhh!


Once again,

Bon Appétit x x

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