Picnic day 🍁

Picnic days are the best! I’ve always wondered if Athens apart of being  noisy and a bit dirty could be more. (We’re being honest here) I mean sure Athens  is the centre of culture and arts in Greece and provides a variety of different activities for any taste, I get that, but what about clean parks, flowers and trees? Where are they? Don’t give me wrong but enyone who has ever lived abroad or believes that clean pavements and building are a necessity will agree with me on that. However,  this year has being devoted in so many things, one of them is “go out and get to know the city”, like for real, see more, do more, be present and open. I knew that I had to give a second chance to the city that so many others love and call home, would they if it was such a mess as I think? So here I am going on excursions and picnic days in the centre of the city.

An A w e s o m e D a y!

Second chances work from time to time I guess. Who would expect a picnic day in the centre of the city could be sooo fun? Birds all over the place, dogs rolling on the grass, people chating and laughing  and the golden sun above our heads. The simple little things mean the most in life, I swear! No matter where you live give it a try, cause it might end up being one of the most fun days of your life. So any plans for the weekend? #gooutandplayalong 






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