Your state of mind matters the most

Hello everyone, I couldn’t help it, I had to write things down, cause words wouldn’t stop popping out of my mind. I got inspired and that’s what happens when I get inspired, I am a bit overwelmed and excited and enchanted! And today I made this promise to myself `”This is my vision and I’m  gonna go for it, doing it my way”. There is no going back. It doesn’t matter who says no or disapproves, that means nothing. There is nothing more powerfull than the spirk inside of you. Have you ever noticed that after you get to the bottom next morning you feel stronger and get back to your feet? That’s the rainbow that comes after the storm. You are the power and your state of mind defines what’s coming next. I don’t know all the ways I’m gonna get there but I know that I have a clue, a tiny one but still a clue of what I want plus I know what I don’t want. This is all I need to start with. Bad, rainny days are always there but I keep my eyes on the rainbow, I look up and  see what’s waiting for me behind the mountais and I’m gonna reach it.

Tip of the day: Keep your state of mind clean!

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