All the apps I’m lovin at the moment

Hey guys as much I curse technology for disconnecting people I can’t refuse that at times it can be a time saver. Today we’re discussing about mobile apps and I’m actually about to share with you my fav ones. I’ve never been an app obsessed type of person but currently I’ve relaized how helpful they can really be. In this post I will also leave the names of some apps I don’t use but I find really cool and usefull as well. So let’s just spit it out.

  • UNUM this is a very popular app that is practically a reminder and it’s job is to knock knock you everytime you have to upload a post. It’s a photo reminder for instagraaam. How cool is that? I have no clue how it works yet cause I downloaded it today, but it’s cool and it’s for free. So if you’re a bussy blogger, check it out maybe!
  • MyFitnessPal I love this app so much. It keeps track of everything you eat in a day and let’s you know whether that was not enough or too much. So all it does  is helping you to maintain healthy and not skip meals or eat like a lion. It’s a good one. It also show you all the progress you’ve made, tracks your steps, provides recipes and other cool stuff like that.
  • LifeSum is kinda the same as MyFitnessPal, really helpuful too, but I think this one has less options than the other. So if someone wants an app that just can count his calories and provide advice on how much to eat, that could definately work.
  • Clue okay this one refers to girls only..It’s a period calender pretty much and it’s the best I have found so far. It’s great and hey if you are like me and always forget when your period is about to come then give a go to this one.
  • Fit Girls This app has some great workouts, challenges, everything really no matter if you are a beginner or a badass. I mean it’s cool and it show you exactly how to do the exercises s o you don’t hurt youself. We don’t want this right?
  • TripAdvisor Since I am a foodie I couldn’t resist but downloading this guy. Did you know that apart of finding you restaurants this app also is A M A Z I N G at finding hotels, flights and activities for you to do in any place of the world you are being at the moment.
  • Airbnb This app is awesome if you like traveling but you don’t want to spend a furtune in hotels, so you can rent someone’s house or flat when they’re away. Cheap and great.
  • Snapseed Here we go touching and retouching. I don’t really use this one but people go crazy about it and recomend it a lot. It’s a retouching app actually.
  • Sleep Cycly alarm clock I haven’t tried out this one but the discription it sounds pretty amazing. It is an alarm but what does differently is asking to choose a time you want to wake up giving two option, eg 6.30-7.00 am and then it wakes you up between this time. But guess what this app calculates the hours that you will sleep and estimates the right time to wake you up depending on how deep you sleep at the moment and acording to the information I found about it five minutes make a difference.

So that’s all from me guys, give them a shot and let me know which of them you loved. Oh also if any of you is lovin an app at the moment don’t forget to mention in the comments bellow.

x x

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