20 things to pack for your next road trip

Okay are we ready for a road trip  already? I am very into that new habit of us, can’t even tell ya! Road trips are these little, tiny breaks that spice up the “ordinary” I guess? I don’t believe in ordinary really, let’s find another word. What about the simpe days? Yep that’s better. But before you jump into the car and get into that new & fresh adventure, first things first, you need a what to take with you list! Shall we get started?


  1. First Aid Kit and money: For obvious reasons!
  2. Your favourite playlist: Without music you gettinnn no where.
  3. Camera: To capture the moment!
  4. Phone & headphones. Because why not?
  5. Sleeping aid. If you want extra comfort.
  6. Snacks& water: I mean duh!
  7. Mosquito spray: Just take it.
  8. Auto essentials: You don’t want to get stuck in a dark and dangerous valley. Do you?
  9. National Identification card or Driver’s License: These will confirm that you are indeed a homosapien who pay bills and taxes.
  10. Portable power device. To make sure you phone won’t die while you’re in that valley.
  11. Keys. You can’t get very far without them.
  12. GPS. In order to actually get there.
  13. Blankets and extra clothes. : You don’t want your b***t to be freezing.
  14. Rain gear. To stay dry.
  15. pocket knife and a torch. Cause you never know right?
  16. Grabage bags and toilet paper. I don’t think I have to explain this one. You get it.
  17. A book or journal or carts. For fun.
  18. Extra shoes and an umbrella.
  19. Travel pilows. Now we’re talking.
  20. Good company!

So that’s all the essentials I could thing of. Let me  know if you have any other suggestions and don’t forget to share your road pictures with me!


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