Road Trip to Nayplio

Okay, this post is about to come a little late to you but I cooked a lot this week  & I had other posts to upload first. So….it’s October everybody and I love nothing more than sweater weather, like hoorayyyyy!Typical Nomiki, I know but I am upset with Autumn and Winter &  basically the scarf , blanket and hot chocolate weather, lovin iiiiit😌

On October 1 we desided on going on a road trip~ somewhere nearby. To give the full story we actually decided this the night before and I’m so happy we actually did it! It’s so fun to go on road trips and I really wanted to get away for a while, just to see something different and have a break from Athens.. just for a while. And let me tell ya guys, this was the most inexpensive trip evaaaaa, like literally eva! All we had to pay for was gass & the bike we rent. Staying in Athens and going just for dinner  would propably cost the same. I made some yummy snacks of course that kept us full the whole time! Here’s the list of the snacks:

  • 3 Sandwiches with egg, cream cheese, green pepper, tomato, lettuce, pepper, origano and a pinch of sea salt. (Pretty simpe and nice)
  • Some bananas with choco syrup on top.
  • Orange and grapes.
  • 2 Slices of the orange & pomegranate cake I made the other time.

That was it, effortless, healthy and cheap. Owesomeeee. I actually am gonna make a list of all the essentials you need for a road trip from A to Z. Would you guys like that?

IMG_0025.JPGIMG_0041.JPGIMG_0065.JPGNayplio is a very beautiful and peaceful small town only a couple of hours out of Athens. It has great skys, blue waters, some amazing and very important archaelogical places to visit ( We visited Palamidi, which used to be an fortress, built by the Venetians, during the Ottoman–Venetian Wars). What I liked the most while being in Nayplio was the bikes all over the place, very bike friendly area and the smell of grass and trees, nature all over the place. For anyone who plans on visiting Athens, Nayplio is another destination they can visit (there are a few buss tours from Athens to Nayplio). I wouldn’t say that Nayplio takes a lot of time to explore, a few hours or maybe a couple of days are enough to get you to see most of this adorable town. I really enjoed being there, refreshing and fun. Can’t wait for the next oneee 🌐IMG_0097.JPGIMG_0107.JPGIMG_0084.JPG





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