2 Cookbooks You Must Own

Alright guys, alright, let me tell you about these 2 books that I am upset with, since I got them into my arms. I have read a few cookbooks before, I have tried some of their recipes but I’ve never owned a cookbook, written by a blogger. There’s something about coookbooks that makes them so appealing and one of the best presents to find under the Cristmas tree (puppy goes first) . When you get the chance to own your favourite’s blogger cookbook it’s the perfect oportunity to sneak a bit more into their kitchen and get to know them a little bit more.

Adrianna Adarme is an amazing blogger based in California, who totally got my heart from the first moment. Cozy, would be the best word to describe her writting, her pictures, her food, I mean everything is so adorable in Adrianna’s world! I love her book for 5 reasons: 1) I love that she made a collection of recipes for each season 2) it’s  all about food, DIYs and stories all together 3) her pictures are adorable 4) Everyone can find something to cook from the book, threre are sooo many  affordable options 5) She is a child in soul and I lovee that !IMG_0076.JPGIMG_0078.JPGIMG_0081.JPGEvery single page of this books is cozy and super adorable! A well written book, with a smell of cinamon, murshmelows and coffe. I mean how cute these pictures areeeeeee? I’m done😍🐶


LOVE & LEMONS : How can you not love these two guys when they are the reason this book was ever made? And their marriage backround story? Awww what can I say? Jeanine Donofrio and Jack Mathews are a lovely couple and a strong team who has created a  colourful recipe collection for us! The 5 reasons  I love this book 1) The texture of the book is owesome 2) All the pictures are minimal clean and white (love it) 3) There are a lot of super yummy recipes in there 4) I really loved the little tips and advice given 5) It’s very, very well written and direct.




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