11 things your teenage self didn’t (won’t) tell you about your body

Remember that age between middle school to high school that everything was soooo dramatic and your body was not the best place to live in?  With all these hormones and insecurity life seams to suck and no one can understand you right? Teenagers  believe their life is a drama because at that point  and that age it really feels like that. We’ve all been there before or some of you still get through it. But today I’d like to talk about body harm aaand mention the 11 things our teenage self didn’t tell us  about our bodies.


1) Your body shape is not “ugly” or “unsepely” or “fat” or “skinny” or anything else. Your body shape is just bones all put together that help you to stand tall, move your hands and legs and live your life.


2) The key is a balanced diet and NOT a starving diet! Your tummy needs some healthy nutritions in order to keep you going and growing into the healthy and beautiful human being you’re supposed to be.


3) If you skip meals and starve yourself in order to lose these 5 pounds for Summer, once you start eat normally again you’re most likely to gain the pounds back asap! Find balance.


4) Exercise! Wanna have a strong, flexible, healthy body with as little cellulite as possible?  (we alllllll have some, ok? We all do!) Exercise. Find the type of exercise that works for you best and beat it. There are soooo many options out there. You just have to make sure that the exercises you’re doing are been done in the proper way so you don’t harm yourself accidentally.


5) You don’t have to prove anything to aaaaanybody! Magazines, role models, forget about that shit and all the presure they try to put on your soulders. You don’t have to look like anybody or follow anyone’s diet or workout routine. This is a big fat lie that  only gonna make you miserable and unsatisfied. Don’t buy that sh**.


6) What you do to your body now is gonna be remembered by it. I guarantee that. Bad exercise? Tell about it to my bad knee. Bad diet? Say hi to your future unbalanced metabolism. (what goes around comes back around).


7)  If you start focusing on how to develop your body and live a healthy lifestyle now you gonna save a lot of time and effort to your future self.


8) The mirror can be a liar. If you look yourself at the mirror and you don’t like what you see, then you’re doing it wrong. It all starts with the mind. What you see in the mirror is the reflection of how you see yourself. If all you see is the pimples and not the great smile then, shame on you guys! C’mon. You are beautiful. I know how it feels, because even as a grown up I can feel the same way from time to time. But then I LAUGH at myself for being so silly. I don’t have to be beautiful like her, I can be beautiful like me!


9) Work with what you have, instead of wishing you could change your looks.  Please keep in mind that diet will exhaust you, but exercise will make  you a badass!!!


10) One day this trend will go away, like any other! So take these clothes  off, if you don’t like them and wear whatever you feel confortable with.


11) Fake it till you make it! If you are not confident yet, act like you are, till you get there.

Note to self: Be gentle, be kind to yourself

x Nomiki

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