A Movie You Must Watch (If you’re looking for some wanderlust & love music)

Is it my constant enthusiasm or just my denial to deal with reality’s shit? (Struggles are like cold pizza, they suck) Either way I keep on believing that dreams work if we do too! I was so inspired and happy after watching “Begin again” last year that I coudn’t help but thinking about it all the time. On my lazy Saturday I watched the movie one more time and it blew my mind once again. I don’t know if it’s the music, New York, new beginnings, Keira Knightley’s irresistible British accent or all of these together but I Loveeee this movie so, very much 💕

αρχείο λήψηςThe movie was released in 2013 & in my opinion it’s a movie to make your day, your week and even your life. It’s A DO RA BLE! I have this thing on my mind saying that if something makes you hop from entusiasm and brings you joy you MUST hold it close and never lose it. Even if it’s a silly, simple, 110 minute film.

I’m not gonna reveal a lot about the movie cause I’d like you to explore it yourself. But if there’s something I’d like to highlight is that  this film is inspiring, emotional, motivational, was filmed in New York, has some great cast, super cute songs & let’s you know that to beginning again can be an awesome adventure!


Smooch xx

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