14 inspirational quotes to make your day

Goooood morning everybody! Yesterday was one of those days that my energy was very low, I was feeling exhausted and sleepy, very very sleepy….and what I need days like this (apart from sleep) is some positive vibes to boost my energy and get me back on track. They say “Either you run the day or the day runs you” & I’d like to be one of those who actually run the day. So I though: What would Peter Pan say?(If you think Disney is not  an inspiration I don’t know what you’re doing in my site😂) “Think Happy Thoughts”. So here I am doing my absolute beeeest to keep that smile real and keep on grooving. I made a little collection of pink happy quotes that made my day brighter, because who doesn’t love PINK? duh and I’m sharing them with you. Let me know which one was your fav in the comments. There’s a line stuck in my head saying that having a goal to look up to, will always make everyday’s stuggles easier to fight. I’m sure you’ve heard that before aaand I mean it totally makes sense. We all need some motivation and what’s a better motivation than a goal? When I think of goals, fancy car and jewelery is not the first thing that comes on my mind. Don’t give me wrong, I just don’t feel like I need any of these to be happy. When I think of goals, life comes to my mind: Strong relationships // love // healthy lifestyle // adventures // dreams come true! Yup that’s my goals.  So I might not do my dream job at the moment or haven’t travelled to the places I’ve always wanted yet but I’m lucky for all the rest and I’m sure that hard work will get me there eventually.  “Happines is homemade & it takes patience, love and effort, I know each of us can get there and make some magic, achieving  dreams! HOORAY my loves♡










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