5 Street Foods You Must Try in Greece♡

If you have ever visited Greece you know that we’re talking about a lot of food, like a lot. It’s simple as that: Greeks loooove food & make sure that they can find it  in every corner of the street. Now, don’t assume that we are talking about crap food just because is “street food”, because it ain’t nothing like that.  I promise 👼



I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of this Greek food before. The great thing about this street food is that you can add  almost any kind of meat, dip and veggies you prefer in it (or not meat at all) and it’s very inexpensive (about 2€). However, if you ever wanna try the original  recipe, here’s what you should ask for: Pita, meat, fried potatoes, lettuce, tomato aaand tzatziki( which is made of greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic and herbs). Yum!

2) Spanakopita


I absolutely looove this one: Made with extra olive oil, pastry, spinach, fetta cheese and herbs, like OMG. You can either buy the spanakopita with fetta cheese or without fetta chesse if you don’t want it, but why wouldn’t you??? This street food is also very inexpensive (about 2-3€).




You can find this very inexpensive snack in almost every street of Athens and Thessaloniki, obviously (that’s where it’s name comes from). It only costs about 0,50€. You can either have the one with the sheeds,  the sugar or the fetta filling, depends on your tummy.




Caster sugar, crunchy pastry and cream….oh la la!  This also is a traditional pastry from Thessaloniki that costs less than 3€. If you are a sweet tooth, you definatelly gonna apreciate this snack!




Hands down for best street food in Greece! It goes well with ice cream, I mean c’mon, heaven, heaven, heaven.  Loukoumades taste like panckakes but with a crunchy texture on the outside. You can have them with honey, jam or pralline, Yaaas! The price of them varies, depending  on where you get them from, but usually you would find them costing  about 2-5€.

Hungry enough?



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