The ultimate Chania Guide

Crete is so beautiful and so is Chania city! Visiting the biggest island of Greece I expected it to be crowded and noisy, but nope! Super relaxing and breathtaking . Chania city  has it all, both fun activities-clubs-water sports to keep your libido levels high and amazing, peaceful spots to free your mind. The view there is spectacular and the food, oh their food…especially their salads are de-li-ci-ous. Not to mention that Mizithra Cheese is now my new obsession, so creamy, so amazing, so Summery.  If you ever visit Greece do not forget to try our vegetables and fruites. Greek people are still very active  when it comes to agriculture. Greek  vegetables and fruits are known to be very very juicy. Yum!


About the island :Get ready to witness some incredible crystal waters and  take long walks on white sand.  If you wonder where to go, here’s my  Top 10+1 suggested places to visit in Chania.

  • Elafonisi is one of the 10 gratest beaches to visit worldwilde.
  • Fallasarna beach: Blue as you can imagine.
  • Chania port: Amazing view, great restaurants.
  • Old city: Colourful alleys, flowers, music, dancers!
  • Agora: Local products: Cheese, meat,honey, olives,Ouzo, spices and all nice based in an old historical building.
  • Sfakia: Yummy food, great view, road trip.
  • Golden beach: Lovely, organized, clean and warm water.
  • Nezaki restaurant: If you like pizza just go there! They rock it, plus the place is very cozy ~ beautiful & the staff very polite.
  • Pallas: Either you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner you can go there. Pallas building was built in 1930 and has a lot of history to share.
  • Koukouvagies cafe: Woow view and delicious waffles!
  • Synagogi cocktail bar: The building has no roof~ a sky full of stars.


This one is a proof  that I visited Rethimno (even though it was for a few hours only), a near by city to Chania.

This was my first visit to Chania but this trip only grew even more my curiosity to visit more places of my beautiful country. Overall, if I could describe Chania in a few words these would be: blue~peaceful~balanced.


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