10 tips for moving overseas

For those who don’t know much about me, I’m Greek and I have lived in Greece for the most of my life. However, a few years ago my family  moved to Darwin, N.T which is in Australia.


I lived there for a couple of years, finishing high school and right after graduation I retured back to Greece. Living in Australia was a blessing and a life lesson for me. One of the most important things I’ve learnt about living overseas is that making a decision like that it’s not a joke! For any reason you’re moving abroad I believe that there are some important certain things who should keep in mind before taking this big step.  The list below provides some lifelines for you!

  1. Visa costs a lot of money: eg If you are moving to Au but you are not a Australian national you gonna need a lot of money and of course a work, student, partner visa.
  2. Savings: No matter how “cheap” the country you plan on moving at is, you need money for the rent, bills and living, till you get a job.
  3. Every country, has some benefits in health, work, school, Uni system. Educate yourself about your rights.
  4. Don’t rent/ buy a house before you see it: Most of the pictures you see in real estate sites are fake!
  5. Book your tickets early: Espeacially if you’re moving to another continent the airplane tickets cost up to 1000€. The sooner you get your ticket the cheaper is gonna be.
  6. Learn the language: Your life is going to be much easier if you know the language spoken in the country you’re moving at. Try to take as many lessons as possible before moving there.
  7. Know anybody? Search in your agenda or social acounts to see if  someone familiar to you lives in this country.
  8. Learn the emergency numbers of the country.
  9. Moving your pet abroad is a long time process that takes up to 7-9 months to be completed.
  10. Check the climate conditions: Some places can be very hot, very cold, or even have some etreme weather events, be aware of that.

*Oh don’t forget your camera, like I did.


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3 thoughts on “10 tips for moving overseas

  1. What a great post! Now I am motivated to create a post about moving overseas in my blog in the future too; after all while moving is a big deal, it doesn’t have to be scary!


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